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D and G Moulding Ltd have been audited and approved to add design(product and tooling), non-contact measurement and assembly to their ISO 9001:2008 scope.

December 2014


When the product design has been approved, usually after the evaluation of prototypes, the most economic production method is established.

D & G offer either:

  • Custom made tooling which the customer owns on completion of payments
  • Custom made inserts which are used in an existing universal mould frame which is owned by D & G.

3D data to produce the mould tool and cutter paths can either be provided by D & G, the customer or a combination of both.

The tooling can be manufactured in aluminium, pre-toughened or fully hardened tool steel depending on the production requirements.

Mould core and cavity separation can be automatically identified a 3D part line produced using CAD/CAM software specific for mould design. The shape of the component is precisely controlled using 3D electronic data produced by the product designer.

Tool manufacture is subcontracted to approved companies and controlled through our ISO procedures.


  • Many different data formats can be imported into our system and used to create machine tool paths for the manufacture of the mould tool.
  • Moulds are designed and manufactured locally by trained personnel.
  • Tools manufactured from a wide range of materials to suit the application.


So if you're looking for a design and manufacture of reliable tooling, please contact D&G Moulding today on +44 (0) 1420 549347 or email enquiries@dgmouldingltd.com.