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D and G Moulding Ltd have been audited and approved to add design(product and tooling), non-contact measurement and assembly to their ISO 9001:2008 scope.

December 2014


Do you need a component quickly? Are you concerned about committing to tooling too soon? D&G Moulding's subcontract prototyping service has the answer.

This rapid and reliable way of producing a prototype starts with a 3D CAD model and using this information, a prototype component can be produced in one of three main ways:

  • SLA (stereolithography) - using 3D CAD models, machines build layers one at a time curing photo-sensitive epoxy resins with a UV laser.
  • SLS (selective laser sintering) - working from a CAD model, a hot CO2 laser is used to sinter layers of nylon powder. This process allows functional features to be incorporated such as clips and hinges.
  • CNC (computer numerical control) machining - the ideal solution for larger prototypes or when a more accurate representation of the production material is needed.

Once created, customers can handle, evaluate and check the component to ensure it meets their exact requirements before proceeding to the tooling stage.


So if you're looking for a simple, quick and effective prototyping process, please contact D&G Moulding today on +44 (0) 1420 549347 or email enquiries@dgmouldingltd.com.