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D and G Moulding Ltd have been audited and approved to add design(product and tooling), non-contact measurement and assembly to their ISO 9001:2008 scope.

December 2014

Dimensional and Statistical Process Control Reports

D & G Moulding Ltd has invested in an automated non-contact measurement machine to provide subcontract dimensional inspection services to its customers and enhance process control. The equipment is regularly calibrated and traceable back to international standards.

Our metrology services include:

  1. First-off Inspection Reports (FOIR)
  2. Dimensional test reports (DTR)
  3. Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR)
  4. Capability studies.
  5. Statistical Process Control Reports on Production Runs (SPC)


So if you're looking for a Dimensional or Statistical control reports, please contact D&G Moulding today on +44 (0) 1420 549347 or email enquiries@dgmouldingltd.com.